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26 Nov

Water Distribution Systems Master Planning With HydraCAL

Master planning study for water distribution systems is a very complicated and lengthy process. It often takes months if not years, to finalize. By the time it is done, the system under study has changed so much that most of system parameters should be updated.

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29 Oct

CWWA, and HydraCAL's paper

After three days of fun, food and lots of discussion, the Canadian Water and Wastewater Association 2015 conference, came to an end today (i.e., Oct 28). The conference fantastic venue was located in Fairmont Chateau Hotel at Whistler, BC.

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20 Sep

Comprehensive Fire Analysis in Water Distribution Systems

Previously, I wrote a post on what are the appropriate hydraulic modeling practices to simulate fire flow in a water distribution system (WDS) which you may find here.

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02 May

“A new approach to evaluate WDS component designs” at OWWA

DataAb’s Dr. Roshani giving a presentation on Ontario Water Work Association conference at Windsor this Monday, May-02-16. The topic of his paper is “A new approach to evaluate WDS component designs”.

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03 Dec

Parallel processing in water distribution system analysis

HydraCAL simulates thousands of scenarios in a short amount of time. You might ask, how this is done?

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22 Oct

DataAb and HydraCAL in CWWA in Whistler, BC.

DataAb and HydraTek present the HydraCAL's pump energy optimization technology in Whistler, BC.

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DataAb Inc offers HydraCAL 2015 which helps you with evaluating your designs for water distributions system components such as watermains , pump stations, etc.