Are you designing a watermain, or a pump station? Even if you are working on a large scale system master planning, HydraCAL could help you to evaluate your design and decisions.

Check out HydraCAL options and features.

Peace of Mind

Instead of limiting your evaluation to critical scenarios, evaluate your design for all system conditions and effectively eliminate the risks with HydraCAL.


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Informed Decision Making

Probabilistic approach let you safely plan for most probable system event instead of designing for the worst condition which might be less frequent.


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Great Engineering Support

With our engineering support for each product we make sure that you fully appreciate the product capabilities and utilize them in their full extend.    .


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Why Should You Choose HydraCAL?

Super Crafted

HydraCAL provides you with design and modeling capabilities above and beyond the conventional water distribution system asset management tools such as InfoWater or WaterGEMS.

Designed for Hydraulic Modellers

In contrast to our competitors, which target their product to utility asset management teams, our goal is to make hydraulic design less complex and provide tools for automatic evaluation process while keeping all conventional asset management capabilities.

Unique Engineering Support

Unlike other companies in this industry, we provide every customers with real engineering support; you will always be in contact with our hydraulic engineering team, which are directly involved in developing various models.

No Hidden Cost

Existing technologies in market force you to buy third party GIS frameworks such as ArcGIS costing +5000 dollars and you have to have a considerable GIS knowledge to use them. HydraCAL provides you, as a hydraulic engineer, with capable GIS environment while it keeps it very simple.
20 Sep

Comprehensive Fire Analysis in Water Distribution Systems

Previously, I wrote a post on what are the appropriate hydraulic modeling practices to simulate fire flow in a water distribution system (WDS) which you may find here.

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14 Dec

Fire Flow Simulation in Water Distribution Systems

Simulating fire events in a water distribution system is a necessary part of any watermain design hydraulic report and it is often done to see how the system residual pressures are affected after the watermain being installed.

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Happy Designing!

Yes, you should enjoy designing.


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DataAb Inc offers HydraCAL 2015 which helps you with evaluating your designs for water distributions system components such as watermains , pump stations, etc.