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Frequently Asked Questions

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HydraCAL licenses is being sold through its developer company (i.e., DataAb Inc.) as well as its partners all around the world. Please contact sales@dataab.com to find out who is the DataAb representative at your region.

In late nineteenth century and most of twentieth century, manual calculations was the main tool for engineers to examine their design. Developing of the personal computers in the late twentieth century,  has changed this and allowed the engineers to do sophisticated simulations in much shorter time. The philosophy behind designing engineering solutions especially in the water industry was to computerized the manual calculations. This was a correct approach for that time. Although the simulation time is considerably, less than the manual calculation but the process is still human intensive and requires constant involvement of the engineer. In this class of software, the engineer has to prepare the scenarios and the simulations, and monitors the outcomes. We call this type of software, conventional. Since they are human intensive, these models are prone to human mistakes.

In contrary to conventional models, HydraCAL produces the scenarios automatically, which eliminates the engineer’s role in the evaluation process and it produces various in-depth analysis, which enhances the engineer’s ability in the decision-making.

A brief list of projects in which HydraCAL has been used could be found at sample projects page. Please contact info@dataab.com if further details required about each of these projects. We also blog about interesting and innovative projects that we are involved in collaborations with our customers so check our water blog posts as well.

We are often presenting live webinars in which we run HydraCAL and answer questions. Additionally we often provide customized online sessions for our potential customers. If you are interested in participating at these events, please contact info@dataab.com, register for our news letter, or call 1 647 447 8830. A member of our team will contact you to setup a meeting or guide you through the steps for the closest webinars.



DataAb Inc offers HydraCAL 2015 which helps you with evaluating your designs for water distributions system components such as watermains , pump stations, etc.



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