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Where HydraCAL has been used?

We believe the best way to understand how HydraCAL fits to your need is to look at some of real projects in which HydraCAL is used and learn from them. Here we listed some of these projects for you with limited information about them. Please note that for the security purposes we modified or obfuscated some of this information.

Scarborough-Midland Watermain

This 3 km watermain is designed to convey water in pressure district 4 of city of Toronto. HydraCAL was used to size the watermain and to evaluate the effect on the pressure in the distribution system and at the Scarborough pump station. Considering the numerous number of pump stations and reservoirs in this pressure zone, more than 2.4 million scenarios were generated and the results indicate that a pipe with 1050 mm diameter would satisfy the Cities flow requirement while some modifications in the City’s pump stations for zone 4 is required to prevent damage caused by high pressure.

Islington Watermain

The 750 mm diameter watermain which is shared between the region of York and the city of Toronto was designed and sized using HydraCAL.  


Appleby Pump Station

Appleby PS is a 40 MLD pump station located in Zone 3 at the region of Halton, Ontario. HydraCAL© was used to estimate the system band of operation. More than 40,000 scenarios were automatically generated and the estimated system band was used to choose appropriate set of pumps with high efficiency range that covers the system band at the pump curve and system band intersection. Using the system band instead of system curve reduces the chance of pump performance problem.

Sixth Line Watermain

This is a 600 mm diameter watermain located in the region of Halton. HydraCAL was utilized to size the watermain, evaluate its impact on the local pressures and fire flows in the system, and specify the potential interconnections between the watermain and the system. Approximately 280,000 simulation were done using HydraCAL. Initially seven interconnections were specified, and the simulation results indicated that two of these connections could be eliminated without compromising the performance of the watermain.

Mississauga City Center, MCC, Watermain

This is a 1,500 mm diameter watermain located in the region of Peel. Due to the complexity of the region’s system, HydraCAL© was used to evaluate approximately 200,000 system operational scenarios. The scenario with the highest flow velocity in the watermain was chosen and then used in the system water hammer analysis (i.e., the transient simulation). Please note that a third party software was used for the transient analysis and HydraCAL was mainly used to find worst case steady state conditions (e.g., flow and pressure) as the initial set for critical scenarios in the transient modeling.




DataAb Inc offers HydraCAL 2015 which helps you with evaluating your designs for water distributions system components such as watermains , pump stations, etc.



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