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"Search for the truth is the noblest occupation of man; its publication is a duty."


DataAb and its principals and partners are active in advancing practices in the water distribution system analysis industry. Combining our professional practice with research activities, particularly through our strong connections with the University of Toronto but also with other groups in Canada and internationally, we routinely present and publish our findings in journals and at conferences.

You may browse an extensive collection of our works by subject using the drop down menu below and, in many cases, the papers are available for download. The lists are organized in reverse chronological order so as to allow for easy access to our most recent works. Also, wherever appropriate, we’ve provided additional information on some of the papers to assist the reader.

Any groups or individuals wishing to collaborate on potential research, including papers and/or presentations may contact us at

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E. Roshani, Papa, F., and Radulj, D., A NEW APPROACH TO EVALUATE WDS COMPONENT DESIGNS, in Ontario Water Wastewater Association Conference, Windsor, Ontario, Canada, 2016.
E. Roshani and Filion, Y., The Effect of Future Water Demand Reduction on WDS Rehabilitation Planning, Procedia Engineering, vol. 89, pp. 796-803, 2014.
E. Roshani and Filion, Y. R., Event-Based Approach to Optimize the Timing of Water Main Rehabilitation with Asset Management Strategies, J. Water Resour. Plann. Manage., vol. 140, no. 6, p. 04014004, 2014.
Z. Wu and Roshani, E., Sensor Placement Optimization for Water Quality Model Calibration, in World Environmental and Water Resources Congress 2014, American Society of Civil Engineers, 2014, pp. 535-544.
E. Roshani, Berg, A., and Lindsay, J., Optimizing Soil Moisture Sampling Locations for Validation Networks for SMAP Satellite. American Geophysical Union conference (AGU), San Francisco, USA, 2013.
E. Roshani and Filion, Y., Event based network rehabilitation planning and asset management, in WDSA 2012: 14th Water Distribution Systems Analysis Conference, Adelaide, South Australia, 2012.
E. Roshani and Filion, Y., Multi-Objective Rehabilitation Planning of Water Distribution Systems under Climate Change Mitigation Scenarios, in World Environmental and Water Resources Congress 2012, American Society of Civil Engineers, 2012, pp. 3197-3206.
E. Roshani and Filion, Y., Using parallel computing to increase the speed of water distribution network optimization, in WDSA 2012: 14th Water Distribution Systems Analysis Conference, Adelaide, South Australia, 2012.
E. Roshani, MacLeod, S., and Filion, Y., Evaluating the Impact of Climate Change Mitigation Strategies on the Optimal Design and Expansion of the Amherstview, Ontario, Water Network: Canadian Case Study, Journal of Water Resources Planning and ManagementJournal of Water Resources Planning and Management, vol. 138, no. 2, pp. 100 - 110, 2011.
R. E. and Filion, Y., Characterizing the impact of uncertain discount rates and carbon pricing on the optimal design and operation of the Kamalsaleh water transmission system. , in Tenth International Conference on Computing and Control for the Water Industry, CCWI , Sheffield, UK, 2009.
A. Malekpour, Karney, B., and E., R., Slipways guide walls design by linkage of the 2-D shallow water models and the PSO, in 2nd International Symposium on Shallow Flows, Hong Kong, 2008.


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